Ancient Drum Bendir (With tuning system! – Enhanced model) – Handcrafted by Luthieros


This ancient instrument is hand-crafted by Luthieros Music Instruments in Greece.

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This is our enhanced top quality edition of the ancient drum called bendir, an instrument that has been around since the prehistoric times. It has a unique air tuning system that enables us to retune the bendir at a different tone by adding or extracting air around its frame!

It is made by a wooden frame (maple wood) and a membrane (animal skin), and it can produce different tones thanks to the spreading of the shock waves moving across the skin itself. Bendir, as a frame drum, is the oldest and most common kind of drum, and it was used in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia etc. What’s more, it is used until today during the special mystagogic ceremonies of the Sufi, where the use of music, rhythm and dance are essential elements to reach particular states of consciousness. Bendir can be played to accompany ancient and modern instruments, providing a depth in the sound of a music band. It can also be used independently, to provide a mystic sound background to special events and moments. It can be played using one or two hands, and it is held verticaly in front of the music player.

Manufactured at the premises of the ancient Europos (Northern Greece) by a family of musicians and luthiers, our workshop’s bendirs have 56 cm diameter and 6 cm thickness. 

Minor alterations might be present in the final instrument (regarding the colour or the kind of wood that was used for smaller parts) that you will receive in comparison with the images. For this reason, every instrument from the Luthieros team is undoubtedly unique.

Bendirs available for purchase by our workshop are very limited. Needless to say that no animal was harmed…

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